How do we compare with Estate Agents?

There is always the delay to getting property to market. Agents always want internal and external photos and a ‘For Sale’ board (not the best if you like your privacy). If you're lucky you then have people who would like to view your property, whether they are interested in buying or not! Property sales using Estate agents would normally take around 6 months but unfortunately a quarter of property sales fail due to broken chains, finance and survey issues. However, if the sale was successful you would generally get a better price.

How do we compare with Auction Houses?

Property auctions are a lot quicker than traditional estate agents but it would still take around 2 months for completion and you probably end up with similar completion price or less as you would have to pay the auctioneers fees and upfront legal costs

How fast can we complete the purchase

It is possible to do the completion within a week, but in most cases it takes a couple of weeks. We are able to exchange and complete on the same day!

What is the Jeffries Property Buyers Process?

First step is you contacting us, we then view your property and assess the value. We will then make an offer and we agree terms with you. You then receive the cash and move on with your life.

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